Hans mosbacher vermögen

Hans mosbacher vermögen
Hans mosbacher vermögen

Hans mosbacher vermögen | The Stölting Service Group is a provider of individualised services based in Gelsenkirchen, with offices in other cities throughout Germany. According to their website, the Stölting Service Group provides their services in more than 30 locations across the country, according to their website.

When the company was founded in 1899, it was primarily engaged in the cleaning of glass surfaces. As a result, the earliest corporate division, known as “building cleaning,” came into being. Hans Mosbacher has been in charge of the company since 1988, and is the third generation to do so.

In 1988, the Workerunfallversicherung and the Personalmanagement were added, in 1989, the Industriereinigung, which included maintenance and installation, in 2004 the Security Service, and in 2009, a third, the Gleisbausicherung. Since more than 50 years, the company has been in the same family-owned and operated business.

The company’s revenue increased from 78 million Euros in 2013 to 170 million Euros in 2014. This is an increase of more than 50% in just a few years. (It is planned to take place in 2016).

The Stölting Service Group has more than 6.000 employees in the year 2016, according to company records. The Stölting Service Group sponsored the Radsportmannschaft Team Stölting from the start of the 2012 season to the completion of the season in 2013.

From the first of December 2015 to the first of July 2019, the Hünting Stadion in Bocholt was known as the Stölting Arena, in honour of the stadium’s sponsors. Since the 16th of August, 2017, the company has also become a sponsor of the FC Schalke 04.

The club, which has its headquarters in Gelsenkirchen, also competes in the German Bundesliga (second division). Since August 2018, the company has also served as the primary sponsor of the basketball team FC Schalke 04, which competes in the 2. Basketball-Bundesliga ProA this season.

Furthermore, the Stölting Service Group will become the new security service provider for the FC Schalke 04 on July 1, 2020, taking over from Securitas as the club’s previous security service provider until that date.

Dominik Mosbacher has been promoted to the position of additional business leader for the Stölting Service Group, effective November 5, 2018.

This results in the three business leaders taking over the day-to-day operations of the company, which serves as the parent company for all Stölting subsidiary companies.

The sales and marketing of the company, as well as the Sparten Personalentwicklung and Personalservice, are under the supervision of Dominik Mosbacher, who works alongside the company’s founder and CEO Hans Mosbacher and his son and second-generation business leader Sebastian Mosbacher.

Following is a quote from Hans Mosbacher, a successful businessman and shareholder:

Hans mosbacher vermögen